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Dealer Service Representative

Jacksonville, Florida

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Job Description

The dealer Service group must be able to interact with the dealers and the  internal groups (RDC, Parts Technical Group, Virtual Warehouse and DMDC)


DSR must possess the ability to make important decision and come to a conclusion that is in the best interest of the company and the dealership. This group is the mediator between the dealers and the RDC/Carriers/Virtual Warehouses. DSR must have the ability to make decisions. They must possess the quality to multi task and have timely response to situations. They must be able to keep up to date reports. Must have knowledge of Microsoft programs, ATLAS, and to make presentation. They must posse’s good communication skills. DSR also make financial decision (crediting/debiting dealers).


DSR must learn the warehouse daily functions and processes. This includes knowing warehouse management screens in ATLAS. They must possess the knowledge of the different screens to conduct full research when an error is reported to the DSR. DSR must conduction a full research to understand what occur, how it occurred, how the problem can be fixed. It is then reported and documented in detailed form to the appropriate party.  The dealer is taken care in a timely matter the problem is resolved. DSR job is also to relieve stress and frustration from a situation that has occurred weather is reordering part for the customer or and not limited to enter claim for the dealer.


DSR must know the claim and return policies. DSR need to be up to date with all the TECH bulletins. DSR must be able to walk a dealer through how to file a claim or a return. Dealers will contact DSR to understand the policy and what are the time frames. If a dealer has a claim that has not been credited or been approved DSR must be able to research what has occurred and be able to explain to the dealer in full detail what the situation is. DSR can make a determination if the dealer should be credited or not. DSR must able to the claim screens in ATLAS and understand the different phases of the system credits of a return or a claim. If a return line has not been credit the DSR must find out why and if a problem in ATLAS they must know how to fix the situation. DSR approve dealer return lines on a daily base.


DSR will inspect claims along with the RDC claim processor. They need to be able to look at the part and come to a determination what party caused the error and how it occurred. DSR will also instruct the RDC claim processes what steps they need to complete the claim or the return. DSR must know the steps the claim and return processors to process a claim or a return. DSR will inspect parts to determine if part should be credited or to be return to the dealer. DSR must make sure the returns and claims personal are following the policy and producers. 


DSR will enter debits and credits in ATLAS or MISC billing for the proper situation.


DSR also support the RDC on continual bases.  This will include damage notification (when a part comes in for a dealer back order and is damaged). DSR must notify the dealer and send them pictures and order information to see if the dealer would accept part. If dealer does not accept part, an email will be sent to USA order management.  Inventory depart at that RDC will also be notified so they will a new part is coming in for this dealer order. If an RDC has a problem with a dealer order a DSR must be able to research the situation and inform the RDC how to proceed. If parts are left at the RDC DSR must be able to communicate with the RDC what measures are taken. DSR will also communicate with the dealer. DSR will enter claim on behalf of the dealer. If misc. parts come back in totes or cages that are empty DSR will research and communicate with RDC how to proceed. DSR will have weekly/ daily communication with the RDC manager with situations/problems that have occurred. DSR will also empty the scrap bins for the RDC’s. DSR will also post goods for returns and claims. DSR document error and keep track of trends. DSR will report findings on a daily bases.


Dealers will fax over carrier claims. DSR will review the claim and will either approve or decline part to be return to RDC for further inspection with carrier and RDC. If the part is approved to be returned to the RDC, the DSR, carrier and RDC claim processor will inspect part. It is the DSR job to determine how the damage occurred and who is at fault. DSR must be able to handle any conflict with the present parties in these matters. DSR will enter claim in ATLAS. DSR must log all carrier claims. DSR will keep track of payments made by the carrier. If the carrier has a situation with any of the dealers the DSR will handle the matter. DSR also documents all carrier errors and keep track of trends. DSR will report findings in carrier meetings.


DSR will receive Handwritten AFA forms that need to be research. Each HW AFA is different and requires different ways to research. The DSR will approve or reject the HW AFA. DSR also enter freight and repair reimbursements. DSR enter all the dealers direct ship claims.


DSR are apart of multi facets of the parts logistic group. They not only work with and help the dealers, they help the RDC’s, and PTG.


DSR file all documentation (claims, shipping request form, misc. billing, any information dealer faxes over for the DSR). Each DSR at present time approximately are receiving 500 calls a month. Each DSR at present time receive many emails on a daily bases. Each DSR handles situations in a timely matter along with the functions mentioned above.


  • MS Office proficiency – Knowledge of Access and Excel is a must. Use of pivot tables and Vlookup formulas is essential.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with dealers, regions, vendors and all internal team members.



  • Associates degree or higher
  • 2-3 Years’ experience in Data Analysis and Reporting.    


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